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“So the more you've thought through how [kids] have a support network that's not just you, the better off they'll be when they hit any bump. And increasingly, the way that happens is online." –danah boyd, author of  It's Complicated, Slate, 2/19/14

Yep, what she said.  

We create spaces where it's easy to ask questions, get answers, and find a place in the digital community.

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About Nancy Clare Morgan, Founder of Savvy Surfers

Nancy Clare Morgan has more than twenty years' experience creating, analyzing, and deciphering media messages. From her early career as a publicist in New York City (when blast faxes were all the rage) to her years on the faculty at the Knight School of Communication at Queens University of Charlotte (where students tweeted under their desks), Nancy Clare has lived the communication revolution.

And while she still harbors an old-fashioned and undying devotion to hardcover books, her passion for free expression––and the countless platforms now available for expression––inspires her work with the wired generation.  She teaches young people (and the young at heart) how to navigate the digital world, analyze messages, balance risk and reward, and savor the possiblities of "new" media. 

That, plus how to write well.  

A graduate of Princeton University and Columbia Law School (where she also hung out at the Journalism School as much as they would let her), Nancy Clare now lives in Denver, CO, with two children who love to text... er, Instagram... er, Snapchat... er, WeChat?; a husband with two iPads; and a yellow lab who thinks the universal remote is a chew toy.